Our “To Do” List

As a fellowship of Christ followers, the members of Coweta Church are committed to the New Testament mandate regarding our relationships with one another. Specifically, we commit ourselves to pursue the following principles and actions.

  • Love One Another (I John 4:7-8) We will be genuine, caring, and affirming with one another, making every effort to move past “business as usual” in order to demonstrate sacrificial, others-focused, Christlike love and concern for one another. As we love one another, our example will draw others to Christ. (John 13:35)
  • Pray for One Another (James 5:16) We will express our care for one another through intense, consistent, mutual prayer focused on specific personal needs, family needs, spiritual needs, and ministry needs.
  • Forgive One Another (Ephesians 4:32) We will not be easily offended. We will refuse to hold grudges, be quick to ask for and grant forgiveness, acknowledge and forsake judgmental attitudes, believe the best about one another, and work diligently to restore injured relationships.
  • Be Members One of Another (Ephesians 4:25) We will deliberately attempt to model the call to be members one of another by maintaining frequent contact with one another, allowing true transparency and vulnerability regarding our own needs. We will endeavor to rid ourselves of spiritually superior attitudes and tendencies, and willingly lay aside any claim to status, power, position, or title. We will strive, as brothers and sisters of the same family, to mutually protect one another in serious, focused ways. 
  • Be Devoted One to Another (Romans 12:10) As a community, we are diverse in terms of calling, preparation, experience, function, age, ethnicity, and gender, yet we are committed to one another. We readily recognize and celebrate one another’s special gifts and contributions to the community of faith. We each bring something different and that is what makes God’s family colorful and unique.
  • Bear One Another’s Burdens (Galatians 6:2) We will maintain sensitivity to the burdens and needs of one another. We are committed to come alongside and share in the weight of those burdens and needs. We will be open and vulnerable in sharing our own needs, setting aside those barriers that hinder us from participating freely in one another’s lives.
  • Build Up One Another (Jude 20) Together we will remember the past as a means of appreciating our common salvation, reminding one another of the bondage from which we have all been redeemed. We will edify and inspire one another through acts of nurture, words of encouragement, and prayers of intercession for one another. We will bind ourselves in God’s love, holding to a fervent expectation of the coming of our Lord as a faithful Christian community.
  •  Serve One Another in Love (Galatians 5:13) We will move beyond the world’s paradigm and serve those among us who cannot do anything for us in return. We will serve Christ by serving His children. We will see Him in the brokenness and needs of one another, and strive to discreetly minister to those needs without public notice or announcement.